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Friday Mix - 05/22/2020

Inspired by Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order and the timing of the final movie in the core Star Wars saga,


“Trust Only, In The Force”

mixes some of the best music in the franchise to create a truly passionate work of audio to the series. Pulling from every movie in the core franchise, as well as from the film Rogue One and the game Jedi Fallen Order, your inner Star Wars fan won’t be able to help themselves in all the fandom imbued within this Friday Mix! This mix features music, quotes and sound effects from throughout the franchise to elicit nostalgic moments and fond memories of Star Wars. In a way, this mix is written like a love letter to Star Wars, expressing the passion we all have as fans.

Below is a Spotify Archive of the mix, though it does not include the songs: "Ascent," "Illum Stormtrooper Battle," or "Main Menu" from Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order as that soundtrack is not yet on Spotify.


About the friday mix

The Friday Mix is a weekly mix created by Kyle Parish (aka The Astral Sound) on Fridays. This site harbors all the various mixes posted.


The goal is to provide a place where anyone can find new music to listen to, a place that helps to branch out genres and perspectives on what makes good music and a place to expand their music library.

A huge philosophy behind The Friday Mix is flow. Without flow, some music can be framed in a particularly negative light. The more someone likes a mix as a whole, the more likely they are to enjoy the songs individually. In that light, the order of songs is very important! It's best not to shuffle the songs.

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