This E3, We don't have Sony to join the fun and reveals that will plan out the year to come, but that doesn't mean we have to give up on the fun ourselves! Featuring music from 21 different franchises in the gaming industry, some unreleased and others predicted to show up additions to their repertoire at E3 2019, Astral Sound presents "Locked In The Stars," an E3 2019 Friday Mix to get you hyped for the convention this year!

I do not own any of the music within the mix above. To see all the songs and their respective franchises, please follow the link below.



A tribute to stories of clashing dimensions and places upside down from our own, "Worlds Between" captures the essence of cosmic traversal and 80s Synthwave soundtracks. Inspired and pulling from stories such as Stranger Things (Season 3 in particular), TRON and Bladerunner, prepare to be entranced in a world between, someplace not quite comprehensive to our perceptions. Can you survive to the end? Can you face the unknown and uncertain? In any scenario, one thing is certain... You'll have the soundtrack to back you up every step of the way.

None of the music in this mix is owned by me. To see or hear the individual songs used in this mix, click the button below for an archive of everything used.