A Case Study in Heart Beats

I've been happy with where I am lately. Making good friends, working on projects that are fulfilling and uplifting and having the time to keep time with people I care about. It's not always easy, and everything isn't perfect. Some beats feel right even when you are happy. Some songs catch you on the upswing and suddenly present a new perspective. I think... That's what this mix is about this week. I just want to pursue certain desires, but only time will tell how that feeling, how that expression, will evolve. I won't always have this time for my friends or my family, so I want to enjoy and cherish the time I do have while I am here.

"A Case Study on Heart Beats"

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Judah and the Lion - Quarter-Life Crisis

Enter Shikari - Stop the Clocks (Single Edit)

Caravan Palace - Miracle

VHS Collection - American Cynic

A Great Big World - Boys in the Street

Beach House - Girl Of The Year

Silent Poets, featuring 5lack - Tokyo [Extended DUB]

MISSIO - Bottom Of The Deep Blue Sea

American Authors - Can't Stop Me Now

A bittersweet mix with emotional tones carving out the run-time. For the aching soul, one with a bleeding heart or one who seeks something greater. Reminiscence and hopes for the future sing to the doubts we feel, alleviating their grip, reminding us of our own will to live.

"The Friday Mix is Best Heard in Your Ears."

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