Greetings friends! It's that time once again. Friday mix time, to be clear. This week Qira is busy cranking out the last of his schoolwork for the year, and I'm humbled to be able to host this weeks post. The playlist is still Qira's however, and those unique Qira vibrations have not been altered. This week's mix is focused on change, something we have all experienced. With Qira finally finishing school, there's a ton of changes soon to come in his life! Life holds many different paths, and this weeks mix is centered around the feelings and emotions that come with that. Leaving familiarity can sometimes be a bit of a scary thing, I'll be the first to say. However where familiarity lacks, adventure and knowledge thrive. I encourage you all to explore these tracks with me , familiar or new, and embrace the change that happens around us every second of every day. Let's take a dive into the ocean of uncertainty!

Spotify Version:

Youtube Version:

Thanks again for joining me this week! And thank you Qira for giving me the opportunity to host. Good luck on all your adventures soon to come, and congratulations!


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