Backstreet Anthems

This week I wanted to introduce a new feature into the posting of Friday Mixes. Everything more or less should remain the same (little blurb, picture, then details), but I want to add a list of featured artists to this and future posts. I frequently forget the names of artists and honestly, I hate that. There's no way to remember them all, sure, but at least this way I am specifically paying more attention to who writes the music I discover. I remember certain artists better than others, but I would prefer to remember more. So let's get into it!

"Backstreet Anthems"


Courtney Barnett - Everybody Here Hates You

Spring Offensive - Hengelo

Margaret Glaspy - Parental Guidance

Snail Mail - Heat Wave

Wolf Alice - Bros

D.D Dumbo - Walrus

Gillbanks - Anxious?

Sunflower Bean - Rock & Roll Heathen

Circa Waves - Be Somebody Good

YouTube Version:

Spotify Version:

"Backstreet Anthems" aims to tap into those childhood feelings of searching for Independence while remembering your friends, heartbreaks and struggles experienced along the way. It embraces a kind of garage rock band sound throughout most of the mix, occasionally showing influences from dreampop or shoegazing. Emotions litter this mix. If you want to feel wholesome, held or understood, give this one a listen.


"The Friday Mix is Best Heard in Your Ears."

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