Calm Into the Storm

I've been feeling very down-to-earth emotionally lately. It's been a mixture of excitement for the future and my pushing towards that future. It's coming, and I intend to keep stepping forward. I would say this music represents that, all the emotions I have towards the future and what it holds. It might, or it might not. It's more down to the soul, down to your heart. It's authentic, and that's all I want to be.

Live Authentically.

"Calm Into The Storm"

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Jeremy Soule - The Gathering Storm

Matt Duncan - This Time in December

Patrick Watson - Melody Noir

Ólafur Arnalds and SOHN - unfold

Fleet Foxes - Icicle Tusk

Andrew Bird - Manifest - arranged for string quintet and piano

Of Monsters and Men - Waiting For The Snow

Radical Face - Asleep on a Train - Strings

Kishi Bashi - Violin Tsunami

Sure Sure - Might Might Not

Thank you for always listening, friends. It means the world. I hope you are all still there with me years from now. I'm looking out, and I'm going places. Come with me.

But most importantly..

Along the way...

Just remember..

- "The Friday Mix is Best Heard in Your Ears." -

- Qira -

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