Casual Blood Sucker


"I need professional help"

"I'm in deep shit"



"Like I really need help"

"whats wrong"

"stop im scared"

"are you okay"


"What should I wear tonight? ;p"




"i was like omg"

"black naturally"

"something spooky"

"but comfy"

"go for vampire but relaxing at home"

"casual blood sucker"

"Casual Blood Sucker"

Spotify Version (recommended):

YouTube Version (one song in this version is not the best recording of the song):


The Pretty Reckless - Going To Hell - Acoustic

Jade Bird - Uh Huh

The Regrettes covering Queen - Don't Stop Me Now

Snail Mail - Heat Wave

DREAMERS - Wolves (You Got Me)

Bleached - Hard to Kill

Your Smith - The Spot

Wolf Alice - Formidable Cool

Palaye Royale - Fucking With My Head

Now, Now - MJ

Snail Mail - Golden Dream

Middle Kids - Edge of Town

Low Roar - Darkest Hour

Casual Blood Sucker blends acoustic, shoegazing, hard rock and indie sounds to create a tone of tumultuous emotions while remembering the roots from which it was conceived. The idea is to showcase a mix that a vampire would listen to when lounging or hanging with friends.

Recently, I went to a "scary movie watch party with pumpkin carving" and enjoyed some awesome company. The initial bit at the top was a conversation I had with one of my friends! Really, I do owe the very concept of this week's mix to them. I sincerely hope you enjoy and remember....

It's fine to have a little bit of a vampire in you~

but also-

"The Friday Mix is Best Heard in Your Ears."

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