Claw Out/I Walked Away

"And now back to your regularly scheduled programming!"

Thank you so much for all the love and listens over this past week's post. I put a lot of work into making This is Reverb and so I thank you, sincerely!

This week, we delve into some underground places. The dark depths of the mind and lost friends. Claw Out/I Walked Away features heavy, harsh and ambient tones, all at the same time to illustrate violent thoughts and maxed out frustrations. Sometimes, we get angry, but that's okay. It can give us the energy, even the power, to make it through what we need to.


YouTube Version:

Spotify Version:



🔥Holy Fawn - Blood Pact

ISIS - Not in Rivers, But in Drops (Melvins/Lustmord Remix)

Pelican - Nighttime Stories

🔥A Perfect Circle - Delicious

🔥Teenage Wrist - Sparkle / Fade

Russian Circles - Hunter Moon

🔥Bush - Ravens

🔥If These Trees Could Talk - The Giving Tree

🔥Miserable - Gasoline

🔥Deafcult - Here Be Death

🔥God Is An Astronaut - Seance Room

We Lost The Sea - Mother's Hymn

Nostraightanswer - sleepless

Been working through some feelings over lost friends these past few days. There's a certain quality to these songs I really vibe with too. A lot of them are a sort of angry shoegaze and that's really cool to me. Not everything is shoegaze, I know I know. But, these definitely strike in the lost-in-the-memories factor. Also, SOME songs are TOTALLY Shoegaze. 😋

Either way, I hope you enjoy the mix, friends. Just remember...

- The Friday Mix Is Best Heard In Your Ears -

- Qira -

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