Dear Diary

This past week, I discovered a show with my family called "I Am Not Okay With This." Since watching it, I've decided to start my own diary. Its been fun. I really can't express how much rhis show means to me, but if you haven't seen it, please do watch it. It's well worth the time.

Dear Diary

Spotify Version:

YouTube Version:


*= Favorites

***Eerie Summer - Breakdown

The Scary Jokes and Louie Zong - Community Gardens

The Regrettes - I Dare You

*Beach Bunny - Ms. California

*Surfer Blood - Gravity

Jen Cloher - Shoegazers

*Jade Bird - Good At It

Cyn - I'll Still Have Me

*My Bloody Valentine - Sometimes

*Bread - Diary

***Bloodwitch - Fly

*LCD Soundsystem - call the police

The Friday Mix Is Best Heard In Your Ears.

- Qira

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