Endangered Weirdo List

Hello everyone and welcome to the new year! I hope you all enjoyed a merry holiday and had a blast for New Years Eve and day. I know many of us had to work, and that's okay too. Sometimes we gotta make that money, but I hope this past mix helped to at least give a sense of fun to the day. Now, I know it's pretty soon right after the last mix, but with the start of the new year, let's get weird!

The idea for this mix was originally a joke, but as ideas tend to go in my head, it grew and evolved until finally, it became a reality! This is the Endangered Weirdos List, and we need your help to keep these weirdos from going extinct!! From the weird to the weirdest, we have to help them before it's too late! ONLY YOU, can prevent Weirdo extinction!

Endangered Weirdos List

Spotify Version:

YouTube Version:

Endangered Weirdos Featured:

Namco Sounds - Yodeling in Meado Hill (Hidden Retreat)

Anamanaguchi and Miku Hatsune - B S X

TWRP - Cosmic Tides

Hot Dad, Crib Def and FrankJavCee - Know Your Meme

Sapphire and Master Andross - Mind Game

Yuksek's remix of Keren Ann's - Nager la nuit

LukHash - Holograms

Dead Astronauts - War We Fight

PrototypeRaptor - Play 'Em Off

Anomalie - Crescent

Battle Tapes - Weight of the World

2 Mello - Tag Walls, Punch Fascists

Masashi Hamauzu - Chocobos of Pulse

Bnny Rbbt - I Hate Love

The Marcus Hedges Trend Orchestra - Everything Stays (From "Adventure Time")

and last, but certainly not the least weird...

Toadette in... - "Toadette Sings Close to You"

Remember, listening to these messages of hopes and dreams from the Endangered Weirdos List helps to bring back these suffering artists. One listen equals a thousand weird thoughts. The rest, is up to you. Be the hero these weirdos need!

Lots of good songs throughout this mix, but no matter what,

- "The Friday Mix is Best Heard in Your Ears." -

- Qira -

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