Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Welcome friends to another week's Friday Mix! Hopping right into this week, we have a mix dedicated to the long history of GRIDMAN! First as Gridman in the Japanese show "Gridman the Hyper Agent" in 1993 and then as Servo in the American show "Superhuman Samurai: Syber Squad" in 1994!

See, both shows were produced by Tsuburaya Productions thanks to the cost-effective practice of repurposing and reusing footage for tv shows. Gridman and Superhuman Samurai both have the same fight scenes and relatively the same story, but with key differences in the characters used and portrayed as well as differences in storytelling elements. Unfortunately, as far as popular culture is concerned, neither series really landed how they wanted it to in Japan OR America. Ultraman was far more successful and in America, Power Rangers took 1st place in that race.

However, the story doesn't end there. In 2015, practically 2 decades later, Tsuburaya Productions releases a short film titled "Boys Invent Great Hero" that finally garnered the attention the idea and series deserved. (You can find it here on YouTube if you want to check it out!) People loved it so much in fact, that in 2018, Tsuburaya Productions released

SSSS Gridman

, the sort of quintessential, idealized realization of the franchise. Lovingly named after BOTH of the previous shows, SSSS Gridman struck incredibly well with the anime community and left its stamp within the mecha/big hero community! Everyone love's taking down big Kaiju!

Today's mix, Gridpower hones in on the themes and emotions I feel over the 3 decade nostalgia I felt in learning and discovering this story. I find it truly inspiring that what was considered a "failed show" came back and shined bright. It just wasn't their time but look how that has changed!

Genres: Synthwave, Retro, Rock, Anime, Electronic


YouTube Version:

Spotify Version:


Daft Punk - The Grid

Shinichi Osawa's Extended Remix of Digitalism's - Pogo

Oliver - Mechanical

Skylar Spence - Fall Harder

FM-84 - Bend & Break

the pillows - Thank you, my twilight (Fool on cool Version)

In-Grid - Machine Delay

NightStop - The Call

TWRP and Dan Avidan - Starlight Bridgade

Digitalism - Infinity

Linea Aspera - Fer-De-Lance

Yasumasa Kitagawa - Mecha Battle

Night Runner - Cold Waves

Lucy In Disguise - 1987

Oliver - At Night

Dean Evenson - Sacred Healing Grid

St. Lucia - Elevate

Gunship - Symmetrical

Jimmy Eat World - You Are Free

OxT - Yume no Hero (OxT Ver)

(YouTube) - Original Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad Theme

(Spotify) - Mr Dooves - Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad Theme

Thanks for listening, friends! I will see you next week!

- The Friday Mix Is Best Heard In Your Ears -

- Qira -

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