Intricate Pulses


There are many ways to procure new music for these mixes. Whether it's through Spotify-recommended suggestions to a playlist in the works, YouTube Autoplay, a website's specific tool, or homebrewed forms of "shot-in-the-dark" searches, if you really want to find something you haven't heard of before, there are ways to achieve it! HOWEVER, today's mix features a new way to search music that I challenge you to give a try yourself! I'm sure you'll be surprised at the results!

Spotify has this feature that can really be exploited when trying this search technique, so give this a try! Try to describe yourself in ONE WORD, but if you can't find one word to describe yourself, just think of one word that you really like, for whatever reason. Now type only that word into Spotify's search engine and select "See all songs." Now add any song you find that either is ONLY that word or includes that word in the song title to a playlist. You'll compile quite a list of mix-batched, un-curated songs and artists to break out of the normal stuff you normally listen to! I can't speak for anyone else, but that's pretty cool to me, and fun!

This mix has been reordered for flow, like I normally do, but it was fun to find a way to make all the odd music come together! Lots of spacey music and ambient stuff!

Intricate Pulses

Spotify Version:

Sorry, no YouTube Version this week. Many of the songs don't appear to be on YouTube.


Floscious - Intricate

Oscar Rocchi & His Electronics - Intricate Atmosphere

Atmøsphäre - Intricate Star

Rawtrachs - intricateauthenticationmechanism

Ethan Duys - Intricate Mayhem

Abhinav Roy - Intricate

Oscuro - Intricate

Ramon Tapia - Intricate

bEzii - Intricate

Beau Brant - Intricate Time

Nichal - Intricate

The Racing Pulses - Intricate

Says Who? and Millenium Jazz Music - Intricate

Kayanis - Intricate Notion

Leslie Bridges - Intricate

Primo - Intricate

Atmøsphäre - Intricate

Paperhouse - Intricate Wisdom

This search technique also works in other engines or search-locations, just add the word SONG after you type in the word you select. It'll take you to some random stuff, for sure, but I guarantee there has to be something you'll find cool or uniquely different in the mixed bag of songs and artists you find. So with that, I only have one thing left to say before signing off. I asked a friend of mine to tell me the word they thought of when describing themselves, and they gave me "Intricate." I tried out the new search technique and it resulted in this week's mix! Let me know if you like it! leave a comment and tell me how your own searches go too! I plan to do this kind of mix again sometime. I sincerely do encourage enjoyment,

however, remember...

- "The Friday Mix is Best Heard in Your Ears." -

- Qira -

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