King of Torment

Welcome friends to another Friday Mix! Recently, in a little known game called Dead by Daylight, everybody's favorite horror entity Pyramid Head made his way into the roster, propelling him back into relevancy! At least, as far as pop culture is concerned. I'm always looking for an excuse to do something Silent Hill-related, even more-so when we are talking Pyramid Head specifically, and his resurgence through Dead by Daylight has given me just such a reason!

This week, I have gotten together with my sisters 🤓Rachel🤓 and 🙃Nannette🙃 to create a very special Friday Mix dedicated to the rusted king of torment himself, Pyramid Head. Together we put together a whopping 50 SONG PLAYLIST! Whether you seek the heavy metal vibes with his more sadistic side, the creepy lurking vibes that impose over you consistently or simply the dread and pensive qualities of all the music involved, there's plenty Pyramid Headed themes to go around. Expect to hear Distortion, Heavy Metal, Electronic, Industrial, Soundtrack and Experimental genres and prepare for their imposing, obstructing presence!

Pyramid Head guides all along their individual paths of atonement and torment. His serves the final judgement to the sinful. No history is safe from his gaze and all will come to repent under his rusted wing.

King of Torment

Spotify Version (Shows who included what songs):

YouTube Version:


🤓 = Rachel's Contributions

🙃 = Nannette's Contributions

🤔 = Qira's Contributions

actuality recording - Air Raid Siren: Alert

🤔 Edgar Rothermich covering Akira Yamaoka's - Silent Hill Theme

🤓 Sidewalks and Skeletons - Sleep Paralysis

🤔 Digiffects Sound Effects Library - Muted Scary Horror Sound Version 2

🤔 Quiroga - Emanuelle Vodoo

🤓 Lorn - Acid Rain

🤔 Boy Harsher - Send Me a Vision

🤓 The Soft Moon - Black

🤔 Filmmaker - Mystic Circles

🤔 Have A Nice Life - Waiting for Black Metal Records to Come in the Mail

🤓 Mick Gordon - Rip & Tear

🤔 I Monster featuring People Soup - Damn Your Hide

🤓 RTPN - Saw

🤔 Legions - Filmmaker

🙃 Boy Harsher - Pain

🤓 Necessary Response - Spilling Blood

🤔 Akira Yamaoka - Terror In The Depths Of The Fog

🤔 Tempers - Strange Harvest

🙃 HEALTH featuring Perturbator - BODY/PRISON

🤔 Chelsea Wolfe - Carrion Flowers

🤓 Akira Yamaoka - Rain of Brass Petals Three Voices Edit

🤔 Martin Kvale - Empy Spaces

🤔 Holy Fawn - Candy

Sound FX - Radio Static


🙃 Dethrone - Bad Omens

🤓 Thou - Aneurysm

🙃 Deftones - My Own Summer (Shove It)

🙃 Ghostemane - The Singularity

🙃 Slipknot - Unsainted

🤔 Chelsea Wolfe - Little Grave

🤓 aYia - Ruins

🤓 Public Memory - The Line


🤓 The Bad Dreamers - Part Time God

🤓 Trevor Something - The Possession

🤓 Akira Yamaoka and Mary Elizabeth Mcglynn - Alex Theme (Machine Head Mix)

🤔 SEGA SOUND TEAM - Supporting Me ...for Biolizard

🤓 MXMS - Gravedigger

🙃 Slipknot - Birth Of The Cruel


🤔 Behemoth - Bartzabel

🤔 Akira Yamaoka and Mary Elizabeth Mcglynn - You're Not Here

🤔 Mazzy Star - Taste Of Blood

🤔 Akira Yamaoka - Uneternal Sleep

🤔 Akira Yamaoka and Mary Elizabeth Mcglynn - I Want Love (Studio Mix)

🤔 S. J. Tucker - Storm

🙃 Akira Yamaoka and Mary Elizabeth Mcglynn - Hell Frozen Rain

Sleep Baby Sleep - Small Oscillating Fan on High

🤔 Akira Yamaoka - Never Forgive Me, Never Forget Me

To think... 3 HOURS and 10 MINUTES of Pyramid Headed time! Talk about a force to be reckoned with! Take breaks if you need it! This mix does get intense and imposing! Either way, you know how it goes...

[[[UPDATE]]] - Just as an added aside, I wanted to talk about what Pyramid Head IS for a moment. I feel like he ultimately presents himself as a physical manifestation of Guilt. Think about how he torments you in the games or our protagonists in the movies, but in a way that almost guides (perhaps it's more like forces) them/us along some sense of punishment. He wants you to feel bad for what you (the character) did. Unlike guilt though, you can't push him down in your stomach, which is what makes him scary (among other things). Eventually guilt passes, but you still feel the subtle presence of it. In that way, perhaps Silent Hill as a whole is the allegory for guilt here...

Still, I feel like, even though he is a terrible, tormenting monster, he reminds us, narratively at least, to face our fears AND our guilt. Ultimately, anyone who makes it out of Silent Hill is anyone who faces the guilt honestly (and solves some intense puzzles while avoiding various deformed murder beasts along the way). Though it's messed up, that's what I like about the concept. It is yet another concept saying "DON'T GIVE UP!"

Some people say things like "So-n-so needs a fire under their a** to be productive!" Well, who better to motivate you in a direction than murder-man-McSharp-point the knife-wielder! In all seriousness though, Pyramid Head wouldn't be as awesome as he is if he didn't have EVERYTHING right going for him, conceptually that is. Those are some of my thoughts on the character, philosophically! Alright, you all enjoy your weekend and I will see you next Friday!

- The Friday Mix Is Best Heard In Your Ears -

- Qira -

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