Theatric Pardons

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

This week's mix, a Musical- based theme! Musicals have been a very important part of my family, even if I haven't ever been very drawn to them inherently myself. Still, there are plenty I love and honestly, it's something I would like to explore more of. This mix features some of my favorite songs from some of my favorite Musicals already (and some I still intend to watch someday)!

"Theatric Pardons"

YouTube Version:


The Phantom of the Opera - The Phantom of the Opera

Sweeney Todd - The Worst Pies in London

Into the Woods - I Know Things Now

Wicked - Defying Gravity

Hairspray - Ladies Choice

Little Shop of Horrors - Dentist!

Wearing Someone Else's Clothes - Getting Out

The Greatest Showman - The Other Side

How I Met Your Mother - Nothing Suits Me Like A Suit

School of Rock - Zach's Song

There are plenty of songs I couldn't fit into the mix this week either because I didn't want the runtime to be too drastic or because they were from musicals I already included. so, here are some Honorable Mentions.


Glee - Sweet Caroline

The Greatest Showman - A Million Dreams (This is a personal favorite of mine but didn't flow with the mix I had created. I felt like it should be mentioned though. Enjoy!)

Hairspray - The Nicest Kids in Town (Out of context, could be misconstrued, but a good song nonetheless! Watch Hairspray yall.)

Into the Woods - Agony (LOVE this one. An equal to A Million Dreams.)

Little Shop of Horrors - Grow For Me (Unfortunately, there is no high-quality version on YouTube, or at least not the version only featuring the song and not all the extra instrumentation, but it is still one of my favorite songs.)

And that is about it! Enjoy, everybody~

"The Friday Mix is Best Heard in Your Ears."

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