This is Reverb

Hello friends! It is time for a very special edition of the Friday Mix. This week, every song you hear was written, recorded and mixed by myself. I'm so excited to share this with all of you and as loyal followers here on TheAstralSound, you get to hear it all here first! There will be some time before these songs all show up on Spotify and other-such platforms, but I will absolutely let you know when the time comes! Thank you for always supporting me and this site you guys. Enjoy!

This is Reverb

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This is Reverb Tracklist

  1. Quartz Healing - This song is designed to kick off the EP with awesome introduction to the effects and distortion you'll hear throughout.

  2. 29 Satellites - About an event I experienced with my mom, "29 Satellites" takes you through what we saw in the sky one fateful night of stargazing!

  3. Hands We're Dealt - Written for somebody else, this song is aimed to give a voice to someone when they didn't have an outlet.

  4. Buoy Magick - Every sound you hear in this song was created using my guitar and manipulated effects. "Buoy Magick" takes you on a journey through the deep dark depths of the ocean. It is a story of discovery.

  5. Quarantine - The first song I wrote and recorded for this mix, you can hear how I improved from this first initial song. Even so, it deserves as much a spot as any of the other songs here. The song was an improv guitar session as a sort of outlet to my stress over quarantining and worries to the state of the world.

I must be honest. Without the quarantine we all had to fall under, I wouldn't have made this EP as it stands. I may have started recording, building music and writing down a different path, but the time I had is what made this possible. My heart goes out to everyone who was affected negatively, and this has had it's negative effects on myself as well, but I am thankful for the positive side of it. All the extra time to write and create this music. Now, I get to share that with you. This is the first step and all I can hope is that you will walk with me.

No matter what you may do, just remember this...

- The Friday Mix Is Best Heard In Your Ears -

- Seashell -

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