Times Are Changin

Good evening and good health to everyone tonight! I hope that your quarantines and your pastimes are all working well-enough! These days, it feels like a lot is different and feels strange to our regular days of our history. Still, tonight I raise a glass to flattening the curve! So that we can get back to our lives, our friends and our families. We'll get there, but until then, things most certainly are changin.

I guess you could say I've been feeling the blues a bit today. I'm sure I'm not alone, but my plans for the week, for fixing my habits, have stunted, to put it lightly. So how to improve... perhaps, all I need is to make a consistency, no matter how small or how seemingly insignificant. Breathe, Train, Learn, Embrace. That's how I see it. I'll go into what those mean next week, but if you have any ideas, leave a comment and tell me your thoughts! But in the meantime, enjoy this mix, influenced by those blues and giving an outlet to those emotions. It ends on a high note though, so don't worry about it feeling sad all the way through or anything. It's actually a lot of fun!

And remember, don't shuffle! It's all about that emotional narrative 'round here!

Times Are Changin

Spotify Version:


YouTube Version:



* = Favorites

The Dead South - Distance Oneself

*Gangstagrass, R-Son, Dolio The Sleuth and Dan Whitener - You Cane Never Go Home Again

*Parker Millsap - Hades Pleads

Ghoultown - Blood, Bullets and Whiskey

Cumberland River - Justified

*Gangstagrass and T.o.n.e-z - Long Hard Times To Come

*Justin Townes Earle - Lone Pine Hills

*Darell Scott - You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive

*The Dead South - Black Lung (YouTube has a different tone version from the album version. Both are good tunes, you should give them a listen!)

The Blackwater Fever - Heard It's True

*Sixto Rodríguez - Climb Up On My Music

*Corb Lund - Old Men

Trampled by Turtles - Codeine

*Gregory Alan Isakov - If I Go, I'm Goin

Karen Dalton - Something On Your Mind

Bob Dylan - The Times They Are A-Changin'

*Van Morrison - Days Like This

There will be days like these, but just find someone to hold and keep close, friends.

The Friday Mix Is Best Heard In Your Ears.

- Qira -

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