Trust Only, In The Force

Star Wars has been with me since I was only just a baby. It has influenced my philosophies, my tastes, and as a result, my life. I understand not everyone will enjoy the series and I understand not everyone will enjoy the new movie. Perhaps I won’t either, but regardless, for me, this is a time to share my passion and get together with my friends and family! I know those of you who do enjoy Star Wars will understand it when I say, there’s a little bit of everything in Star Wars.

The Force is strong with my family~

. . .Trust Only, In The Force. . .

MegaMix Version:


Inspired by the new game, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order and the timing of the new, final movie in the core Star Wars saga, “Trust Only, In The Force” mixes some of the best music in the franchise to create a truly passionate work of audio to the series. Pulling from every movie in the core franchise, as well as from the film Rogue One and the game Jedi Fallen Order, your inner Star Wars fan won’t be able to help themselves in all the fandom imbued within this Friday Mix! This mix features music, quotes and sound effects from throughout the franchise to elicit nostalgic moments and fond memories of Star Wars. In a way, this mix is written like a love letter to Star Wars, expressing the passion we all have as fans.

I am excited for the new film, and I intend to keep an open mind over it. My hope is that this mix, this blending of music and audible passion between ALL the current films in the core saga, will inspire and open us all up to remembering what we each love about Star Wars. You guys are all awesome, and I say it time and time again, but thank you for listening to my mixes each week! This one is special (I know I have said that a lot recently, but lately, all of these mixes have come from some particular part of my heart, and I hope that it reaches you all).

Enjoy this mixed batch of musical epicness, audio easter eggs and beautiful, memorable quotes my friends! To my Star Wars buddies out there, may the Force, be with you. Always.

“[Star Wars] is like poetry, they rhyme.”

- George Lucas

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