Walking In The Texas Heat

Welcome friends, it's that time again! Time for the Friday Mix! This week, I found myself feeling oddly nostalgic over a strange simplicity. Walking In The Texas Heat, of all things!

Perhaps its more for simply walking and going on reflective walks where I think to myself and ponder the future, but maybe the environment I live in is a part of that. That includes the typically bad stuff, like the abhorrent heat of Texas. Perhaps... I Know The End... We all hate the heat haha.

It's not a country mix (though I am working on one of those with a friend), but it does feature a very relaxed and laid back sort of tone. You'll hear it soon enough. Reflecting is good!

PS I'm on my phone this week, my computer has officially died. That simply means there won't be fancy embedded links to the mixes and the spotify playlist sadly won't have the mix cover.

Walking In The Texas Heat

YouTube Version:


Spotify Version:



jeremy messersmith - Fireflower

Rostam - In A River (Acoustic)

Sammy Rae - Jackie Onassis

Sidney Gish - Sin Triangle

Scott Gilmore - E70 No. 01

Dominique Dumont - Quand

Joseph Shabason - I Thought That I Could Get Away with It

Duckmaw - Nicaraguan Dream

Marcos Valle - Posto 9

Milton Nascimento - Tudo O Que Você Podia Ser

Lemongrass and Jane Maximova - I Miss You

Bullion - My Lar

Cantoma and featuring Javier Bergia - Abando

Cut Copy - Strangers In The Wind

Beshken and GPS Dapperton - Faceless

Phoebe Bridgers - I Know The End

- The Friday Mix Is Best Heard In Your Ears -

- Qira

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