Worlds Between

A tribute to stories of clashing dimensions and places upside down from our own, "Worlds Between" captures the essence of cosmic traversal and 80s Synthwave soundtracks. Inspired and pulling from stories such as Stranger Things (Season 3 in particular), TRON and Bladerunner, prepare to be entranced in a world between, someplace not quite comprehensive to our perceptions. Can you survive to the end? Can you face the unknown and uncertain? In any scenario, one thing is certain... You'll have the soundtrack to back you up every step of the way.

This week, I've been inspired to create a Mega Mix featuring 80s Synthwave soundtracks and othwerworldly ambiance. I'm not going to lie to you...

It's long...

BUT, it does have certain moments of "intermission." About every 45 minutes or so, there should be music that sounds like This. If you need a break or want stopping points, these are good points to do so. Of course, there is no obligation to make it to these points, but still, they exist for your convenience.

As a whole, the mix is 2 hours and almost 15 minutes long. It includes handcrafted timing and personalized sound effects for added added ambiance. The goal is to help your imagination run, to generate a narrative of emotions and provoke thoughts. It's great for creative practices like drawing or reading and could be just what you need to get through a morning commute.

This being a Mega Mix, in order to listen, you'll need to stream it from this website or download it and listen at your leisure that way. Thank you for your continued listenership and of course,



The Friday Mix is best heard in your ears.

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